A truly integrated response

Posted on Tuesday, August 25th, 2015 by

At Outlook, we relish the opportunity to provide an integrated response that combines all of our disciplines.

Recently we had the chance to work on a project that showcased how our fantastic teams work together to create something amazing. 

The brief

One of our clients came to us with a brief for a truly innovative product launch

Not only were we inspired by the groundbreaking nature of the product. We were excited that the the project encompassed all of our teams.

Design and animation

Our Design team and Animation team enthusiastically got to work on creating the overall identity for the product itself. Encouraging some healthy competition, our Lead Designer Andy and our Lead Animator James spent days coming up with multiple identities that our Client Services team could pitch to the client.

From the safe and on brand to the wildly adventurous, the whole design studio was abuzz with creative concepts! Well, that and eagerly wanting to know who would prevail – James or Andy.

The client decided upon an identity by combining of two of the design concepts, one from Andy and one from James. Our designers could now get to work on delivering the identity across a multitude of deliverables. (We would love to show you some pictures but it’s all top secret!)

Our Client Services team supported the client at every step, from design to delivery.

Video and motion graphics

Gary and his Video team were also hard at work creating three videos that could not only be used at the launch event, but would withstand the test of time and could be used throughout the upcoming year.

Darren, our Creative Lead, took on the director role, and supported the client in creating something visually beautiful. Trips to the manufacturing and engineering site, a CGI animator and hours locked away in the dark edit suite ensued.

Working alongside our Motion Graphics team in Digital, Darren and the team finalised three videos that we’re reliably informed even had the manufacturing team in tears (… of joy, of course!).

Events and graphic design

While Darren was locked away in the edit suite, the Events team were planning a launch that would match the innovative nature of the product. Led by our Head of Events, Iain, the team suggested an array of possible venues, entertainment and collateral.

Split into a day conference and an evening event, Iain brought on board Sarah, one of our Event Producers, to support the second half of the launch. Sarah worked with our on-site Graphic Designer Zoe to produce a fantastic evening event. It included everything from entertainment, catering to even a bar design!

And the Events team didn’t stop there. Iain worked tirelessly with one of our manufacturing partners, alongside Zoe, to design and produce an installation wall. This mapped the product from first idea to realisation. The installation was a microcosm of what we are all about at Outlook and included both our video and design concepts.

With our Events team’s logistical know-how, the installation now travels Europe and has been a great success. Even if we do say so ourselves!

How Outlook can help you

We are always so grateful to work on projects that allow each of our teams to work together to give the client exactly what they need.

With a whole menu of disciplines to choose from, you really are spoilt for choice. So, why not tantalise your taste buds and have them all? Get in touch to see how Outlook can help you.