Autoglass® company film – A customer’s journey

Posted on Friday, September 1st, 2017 by

The brief

Autoglass® challenged us to showcase the brand and business, to make their staff proud to be part of a wonderful success story, and demonstrate the scale of the business that their colleagues, partners and customers normally don’t see.

The ‘premiere’ was set to be at the company’s first ever Customer Conference – an event to celebrate and emphasise Autoglass® as leaders in vehicle glass repair and replacement.

The solution

We pitched three potential creative routes to the Marketing team that presented diverse options to achieve their goals. These ranged from a story taken from the lifeline of a car within a family (‘We’re a small feature in our customer’s lives, but we’re happy to be part of it.’) to a full Mission Impossible action adventure (‘Because we don’t all have self-healing cars!’). The client went for the third concept of creating a ‘Seamless journey, from crack  to replacement.’

This creative takes the viewer on a behind-the-scenes look at the connective streams that deliver the recognisable customer-facing mobile service.

Using a single camera view and forwards tracking motion, we travel from one location to another in carefully choreographed scenes. The movement highlights the connections between all the parts of the business that come together as a whole, from appointment booking and windscreen picking through to the final happy customer!

The usual constraints were upon us – time and budget! So, we planned a coherent route around the world of Autoglass®. We worked closely with different business departments to map out what each scene needed to deliver, both technically and creatively, and which staff could be utilised on-screen. After all, business couldn’t stop just for us!

The results  

We kept budget and timelines well under control. The can-do attitude by everyone involved delivered a great result at the Customer Conference to a great reception!

As well as creating an internal buzz, the video created pride across the many teams within Autoglass®. It also succeeded at continuing partner confidence in the business.

As the music was composed specifically for the production, the pièce de résistance was our nod in the closing frames to the well-known ‘Autoglass® repair, Autoglass® replace’ jingle!

Brand Manager, Scott Walker told us: ‘So many people have told me that they’ve actually become quite emotional when watching the film. That’s when you know that you’ve really made  someone proud, when you can get that kind of response!’

‘The perfect result! A video showcase that both celebrates our success, and keeps our people at the heart of the journey!’