Event Theming

Event theming. We’ve found it comes in one of two formats. Actually, thinking about it, they come in three formats. The throwaway, ‘one-size-fits-all-statement-of-intent’, the ‘2016 Sales Conference (resolutely theme free) or something with a bit of thought and a real rationale behind it.

The world has probably had its fill of ‘Circles of Excellence’, ‘Winning Together’ or ‘One Vision’. Generic & totally interchangeable; change the logo, change the font, slap it on everything, sell it on to multiple clients. Or…you can take the Outlook approach.

Because we believe that everything starts with the theme. It’s never just a strapline, or a throwaway ‘tag’, destined to be forgotten by presentation 2. The theme is the creative and structural hub of the whole event; it defines the objective and the shape of the response, but most of all, it acts as a touchstone and references point for every presenter and each stage of the day.

Theme your event ‘Redraw the Map’ and you’d better make sure your presentation gives some pretty convincing re-design suggestions!

All elements of the event, from initial contact with your delegates, through print, registration, the show itself and entertainment, should progress or enhance the overarching proposition.

Our teams will rationalise, theorise and work alongside you to create the perfect ‘thematic focuses for your event. Only then will we bring in our design team to bring the concept to life visually.
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