Empowering creative people

Posted on Friday, December 8th, 2017 by

Teachers always said that Shakespeare was head and shoulders above any writer in history. We often wonder whether there could have been other creatives as successful as him that didn’t get their chance. 

Shakespeare had a way with words, for sure. But he also had a grammar school education and a few wealthy benefactors who were willing to bankroll his ideas. He was given a platform to show off his talents and money for his labour. He was empowered.

Without somebody helping him along, we wouldn’t have his era-defining 38 plays, 154 sonnets and wonderful words like ‘besmirch’, ‘lacklustre’ or ‘dwindle’.

It’s not surprising that women and people of colour have always had imaginations. They have always been creative, but they have not always been empowered.

Think about how many creative women didn’t get their shot in Shakespeare’s time because of their gender. Providing young girls with education and opportunity empowered writers such as Jane Austen, who now takes pride of place on our £10 note.

Imagine life without hearing Nina Simone belting out Feeling Good, or being stunned into silence by Maya Angelou’s Still I Rise?.

Imagination suffers in isolation

That’s why we believe in collaboration, creativity and commitment. These values are important to us because they are at the core of every good project.

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