Outlook Values – Commitment

Posted on Monday, September 21st, 2015 by

CaptureOutlook has four core values embedded in everything we do and everything we are:

Commitment. Collaboration. Creativity. Motivation.

I was thinking about the former on Sunday while on a flight to Spain.

It has been a very successful start to the year for Outlook and I don’t think we should be shy in saying that sometimes it means we are very busy. Agency life means we are available whenever our client needs us, or the demands of a project say so.

The last few weeks have been a prime example of just this sort of time.

So after a 60-hour work week, I boarded my plane on a Sunday afternoon to head off for an intense week on-site at an event produced by Outlook. I asked myself the questions: “Why do I do this?” and ‘What does commitment mean?’

Why do I do this?

It’s simple… I ruddy love it!!!! I do, I genuinely do. Helping people with their marcomms challenges is truly satisfying.

Working outside my comfort zone and taking our clients outside of theirs to constantly improve is a fantastic experience. The learning curve is relentlessly steep.

It is my motivation and it is why I am so committed.

What does commitment mean?

This second question is more difficult. I know it means many different things to many different people. At the recent Outlook company conference, we undertook a team exercise to explore just that.

Now I am not going to bore you with all of our agency mumbo jumbo, but it got me thinking a little deeper. (I was tired and may have had a couple of cold ones in the airport lounge…)

What does commitment REALLY mean, in the REAL world, not this agency meets corporate world we spend most of our waking life in.

Athletes, carers, parenting, those in rehabilitation (of any form), monogamous relationships… I am sure this list could go on for an eternity.

I couldn’t answer the question, but I posed another.

Can motivation and commitment live independently of each other?

For me the answer is ‘no’ but I am sure someone else would disagree.

When the other members of the Outlook leadership team and I developed our values, I certainly never knew that they would affect my life outside of work. However, they do! Although we use these values at a company level, I think they are pretty damn good for life values too!

Watch this space for another few hundred words of tired drivel from me when I next take on my questions…. What shall I go for next?

Why am I so short?

What’s the meaning of life?

Should I learn string theory?

Or maybe I should just stick with something simpler.

UPDATE 17 Sept: After three 16 hours+ days on-site with the client here in Spain, and another long day ahead of me, I can confirm I really do ruddy love it. This morning at breakfast when the client expresses their gratitude in a very sincere fashion – it makes it all worthwhile.